CRM and the Link Between Repeat Guests and Loyal Guest

With the power and evolution of technology, hotels now have insights on more than guest profiles, giving hoteliers a better understanding of guests’ behaviors and preferences. The hoteliers now have the power of looking deeply into consumer characteristics and how they may change with the passing of time. The CRM system can then help to […]

Guestroom Technology

In the past years, hotel owners and operators started spending more and more on guestroom technology, among other changes some upgrades are taking place in the form of upgrading the existing wireless access, Hospitality Technology reported that 36 percent of hotels were working to increase in-room bandwidth in 2016, adding new HD Tv’s, where guests […]

Mobile Technology in the Hotel Industry

The technology for the mobile industry has been growing rapidly lately, and if you want to exist as a business you need to be active on mobile and social media platforms. The world is at the fingertips of the users, and the hoteliers need to provide them with the appropriate resources if they don’t want […]

3. Turizm Teknolojileri Günü

  Türkiye Bilişim Derneği Antalya Şubesinin düzenlediği ve bu sene üçüncüsü yapılacak olan Turizm Teknoloji Günü, 28 Ekim 2017 günü gerçekleşecek. Desteklemekten mutluluk duyduğumuz ve konaklama  sektörü için çok önemli olduğuna inandığımız bu etkinlik kapsamında “RFM Modelleme ile Gelir Odaklı CRM” başlığı ile Hotech Kullanıcı Deneyimi Müdürü Sayın Berfu Tekbaş da bir konuşma yapacaktır. 3 Aralık 2016 Cumartesi […]

Security Breach in Hospitality

Data breaches are a concern to all kinds of business and industries worldwide, but with the rise of internet, more and more hoteliers are adopting innovations for their guests, making everything more connected as well as more attractive for potential “predators”. According to the 2016 Trustwave Global Security Report, the hospitality industry has the second largest […]

Data Mining in Hospitality

As we all know the hospitality industry is a highly customer centered business and it is gathering large amounts of data daily from their central reservation systems (CRS), property management system (PMS), point-of-sale (POS), and guest loyalty program databases. As you might have expected using data mining efficiently in this field plays a huge role […]

Marketing Personalization for Hospitality Industry

When we are thinking about the topic of “personalization” we can be very sure that across almost all industries management is wondering how to apply it or improve it, this is so due to the high potential that personalization has for any business. Loyalty programs are no longer the best solution, they are an improvement […]

Housekeeping Technology

On several trends list for 2017 Housekeeping Technology has been popping up. Housekeeping has been one of the last departments that to adopt extensive technology in their daily activities; of course, we are still rather far away from having robots cleaning the hotels but who knows what might happen in the next few years. At […]

Is Your PMS(Property Management Software) “The Best”?

Nowadays there are thousands of companies promising you the perfect PMS(Property Management Software) for your establishment, especially if that establishment is a hotel. Like choosing anything else that has to do with technology and payment, the decision of choosing the right PMS for you might be time consuming and frankly very stressful. All these companies […]

Tourism and Technology

Looking back at the past years we can see how much technology in tourism has developed enabling the possibilities of offering great services all around the globe. Of course, no computer or technological solution will be able to substitute the care and love that comes from another person, use it properly and it can solve […]