Otello Guest Experience Management

By centralizing guest data and using insights to tailor the guest experience, you can build better guest relationships and increase guest satisfaction with Otello Guest Experience Management (Otello GEM).

🌺 Collect and centralize customer data: Start by collecting data on your guests, such as their demographics, preferences, and behaviors. You can do this by offering loyalty programs, conducting surveys, or analyzing social media interactions. Centralize this data in Otello GEM, which will allow you to access and analyze the data easily.

🌸 Use data to gain insights: Analyze the data you’ve collected to gain insights into your guests’ expectations and preferences. For example, you might discover that your guests prefer certain amenities or have specific dietary requirements. Use this information to tailor your offerings and services to better meet their needs.

🌼 Personalize the guest experience: Use the insights gained from your data analysis to personalize the guest experience. For example, if you know that a guest prefers a certain type of pillow, ensure that it is in their room before they arrive. Personalization can go a long way in making guests feel valued and appreciated.

🌹Continuously improve: Use data-driven insights to identify areas for improvement and make necessary changes. For example, if guests consistently complain about slow service at your restaurant, consider hiring additional staff or streamlining your processes. Continuously improving your offerings and services will help increase guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Discover more: bit.ly/Hotel-CRM

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