Cultural Diversity in Hospitality

The hospitality industry at its core is all about international markets and people, looking both from the customer perspective and employee perspective. Of course, this aspect can create challenges for both employees, managers and hotel guests from different cultural backgrounds. The issue of intercultural communication is an important factor more and more in the industry. […]

Marketing Personalization for Hospitality Industry

When we are thinking about the topic of “personalization” we can be very sure that across almost all industries management is wondering how to apply it or improve it, this is so due to the high potential that personalization has for any business. Loyalty programs are no longer the best solution, they are an improvement […]

Hangi Turizm?

Turizm Sektörü veya tatil deyince akla ilk gelen; açık büfeleri, büyük havuzları, sayısız bar ve a’la carte restoranları, gece showları, animatörleri olan oteller ve bunun yanında bol güneş, deniz ve kum. Peki gerçekten böyle mi? Şimdilik buraya bir mim (*) koyup ilerleyelim. Kısa adı UNWTO olan  Birleşmiş Milletler Dünya Turizm Örgütü’nün rakamlarına göre, 2015 yılında […]

Google impact on tourism industry

Over the past few years Google has made some major changes on its search engines as well as some add ons that have impacted the tourism industry, or better yet, on  how people travel to a great extent. What are some of these changes? SERP or search engine results pages – from now on paid […]

Tourism and Technology

Looking back at the past years we can see how much technology in tourism has developed enabling the possibilities of offering great services all around the globe. Of course, no computer or technological solution will be able to substitute the care and love that comes from another person, use it properly and it can solve […]

Responsible Tourism

As we all know the world is expanding at an amazing fast rate, and due to globalization and technology, people are travelling more than they have ever done in the past. Being aware of this fast rate of development, businesses all over the globe are tapping into this opportunity and they are building tourism related […]

Millennials and Tourism

In this blog post I will be talking about the new type of tourists that are taking over the industry, these are millennials. For those of you who might not know who or what are millennials, why are they so important and how can we attract them, stick around and read this post.   Who […]

Destination Management

The Importance of Destination Management   As we all know by now, the hospitality industry is a highly competitive one, we can clearly see how the nature of this competitive environment is highly dynamic but also how the control and foreseeing market demand is decreasing not only for emerging business but also for established ones. […]

Sports Tourism

Sports Tourism – A giant of the Tourism Market One of the very first reasons for traveling was to take part in sport or to watch sporting events. As early as 900 BC the Greeks were traveling to take part in and watch the Ancient Greek Games. Watching tourism evolve over the years, we can […]