Otellerde Data Kullanımı

Hotech Yazılım Kurucusu Hamdullah Turgut, Otellerde Data kullanımı  ve doğru datanın oluşturulması  hakkında Hotel Linkage Summit Antalya kapsamında katılımcılara bir sunum gerçekleştirdi. Hamdullah Turgut konuşmasına “Yeni nesil kuşağın teknolojinin içinde doğduğunu belirterek bu kitlenin yüzde 80’inin sosyal medya kullandığını ifade etti ve bu kitlenin tatillerini otel ile temasa geçmeden direk kendilerinin planladıklarını ifade etti. Ayrıca […]

Increase Direct Booking

The online OTA’s such as the big names of Expedia, Priceline or meta-search engines like Kayak and Google Hotel Finder have become crucial to almost all hotels when it comes to advertising, especially during the shoulder seasons. As all of us know using these channels too much is very costly for a hotel, and ideally […]

Overview of 2017 Tourism Technology Trends

This year is quickly coming to the end, welcoming a new year and new opportunities. Technology trends are probably the fastest changing trends out there, having all the innovation and development around us. Tourism technology is also evolving and changing rapidly, let’s take a look at the top trend in tourism technology for 2017.   […]

Tourism and Technology

Looking back at the past years we can see how much technology in tourism has developed enabling the possibilities of offering great services all around the globe. Of course, no computer or technological solution will be able to substitute the care and love that comes from another person, use it properly and it can solve […]