Marketing Personalization for Hospitality Industry

When we are thinking about the topic of “personalization” we can be very sure that across almost all industries management is wondering how to apply it or improve it, this is so due to the high potential that personalization has for any business. Loyalty programs are no longer the best solution, they are an improvement […]

Electronic Word of Mouth – eWOM

  As we all know nowadays the power has shifted to consumers, people trust people and not marketers and adverts, therefore word of mouth (WOD) has more power than never before. The traditional WOM is defined as the oral form of interpretation of interpersonal non-commercial communication among friends. With the advancement of the internet and […]

The Importance of Segmentation

Kotler and Armstrong (2006) explained through their research how important is the task of attracting customers, but more important is actually retaining those customers, since losing a customer means also losing the entire stream of purchases that they would have made over a lifetime. When working in such a competitive industry as tourism, it is […]