Five Benefits of Switching to Amonra Cloud PMS

1-) Convenience of Use; Manual processes restrict how, when, and where you access your PMS system. As a hotelier it’s important to keep up-to-date on what’s happening on property where you’re there or not.
2-) Saves Money; Subscription pricing models for Amonra Cloud PMS allow you to pay for only what they need, shifting the expense from a capital expense to an operational expense.
3-) Increased Efficiency; Amonra Cloud PMS allow real-time availability, booking intelligence, revenue management features, direct integration to the GDS or direct booking engines.
4-) Communications; Amonra Cloud PMS allow you to easily communicate with all hotel staff members.
5-) Increased Guest Satisfaction; Amonra Cloud PMS allow you to connect with your guests before, during and after the stay. They allow you to track guest details, special requests, or just being readily available for the guest during their stay.

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